Andy's Bar

Seen in: Rocky V

2201 Emerald Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

“My ring’s outside.”

Andy’s Bar appears only in Rocky V, and is right in Rocky’s ‘hood.

This is where the epic street fight takes place between Rocky and Tommy Gunn. The bar is right across the street from Mighty Mick’s Gym – in fact, when Rocky’s out in the street showing Tommy who’s boss, Mick’s sign is visible in the background. In reality, the business is now called Stelio’s pizza.

Note that this location is not supposed to be the old Lucky Seven Tavern, even though deep down, we all kinda assume it is. Nor is this the place where Rocky tells that guy to apologize to Little Marie in Rocky Balboa. That place is the new Lucky Seven Tavern.

Travel Tips:

This area is the mecca of Rocky filming locations. Stand in one spot and you can see Andy’s Bar, the pet shop, and Mick’s gym. It is also notoriously run down and sometimes can be a bit dangerous – please be aware of your surroundings if you visit.


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