ROCKY (1976)

His Whole Life Was a Million to One Shot
Original Rocky Training Montage First Training Scene in Rocky - (Philadelphia) Filming location for the very first scene of the original training montage where Rocky jogs through a railroad yard lifting bricks.
Sohio Resolute Ship in Rocky Collecting at the Philly Docks - "You wanna dance, you gotta pay the band. You wanna borrow, you gotta pay the man." Here's where Rocky doesn't break the guy's thumb.
Rocky Training Montage Location Ship from Original Training Montage - In one of the highlights of the original Rocky training montage, Sylvester Stallone is seen running along a dockside with a ship in the background.
Rocky Training Montage Location Arched Bridge in Training Montage - (Philadelphia) Filming location for riverside bridge Rocky Balboa runs past during his "Gonna Fly Now" training montage in Philly.
Rocky and Adrian Ice Skating Ice Skating Rink (First Date) - (Los Angeles) The empty ice skating rink where Rocky takes Adrian for their first date on Thanksgiving night.
Rocky vs Spider Rico Fight Resurrection Gym - (Los Angeles) The opening shot of the movie features a painting of Jesus overlooking the match between Rocky and Spider Rico.
Rocky "Take You Back" Location “Take You Back” Street Corners - (Philadelphia) The corner where Frank Stallone and the boys sing "Take You Back", and later "Two Kinds of Love" in Rocky II.
Rocky Mr Gazzo Scene Mr. Gazzo’s Street - (Philadelphia) "I shoulda broke your thumbs!" This is the street where Rocky and Gazzo get out of the car to talk about Del Rio.
Lucky Seven Tavern in Rocky Lucky Seven Tavern - (Philadelphia) The Lucky Seven Tavern seen in Rocky is a different location than the one in Rocky Balboa.
Mighty Mick's Gym Interior Main Street Gym - (Los Angeles) L.A.'s historic gym was utilized as the interior of Mighty Mick's during the filming of Rocky.