Carl Weathers Interview in 1979 Throwback 1979 Interview: Carl Weathers on “Rocky II”, Being a Big Guy - In a 1979 television interview, Carl Weathers, known for his portrayal of Apollo Creed in the Rocky franchise, provided insights into his experience filming Rocky II and his perspective on Hollywood stereotypes. Fibs About Boxing in Real Life The interviewer first dove into Weathers’ background, prompting him to clarify misconceptions about his real-life boxing history. […]
Rocky II Chicken Chase Rocky II Chicken Chase - "If you can catch dis thing, you can catch greased lightning," Mickey tells Rocky as he chases a chicken during his training.
Rocky II Ambulance Hospital Rocky II Philadelphia Hospital - Following his battle with Apollo Creed, Rocky is taken by ambulance to the Philadelphia Hospital emergency room entrance on Spruce Street.
Rocky II Hospital Scene Rocky II Hospital Outpatient Building - When Rocky leaves the hospital, he's met with his agent trying to get a signature for a commercial job outside the Outpatient building.
Rocky II Hospital Chapel Scene Rocky II Hospital Chapel - Rocky and Mickey stay and pray in this hospital's chapel while Adrian is in a coma following the birth of Rocky Jr.
Rocky "Take You Back" Location “Take You Back” Street Corners - (Philadelphia) The corner where Frank Stallone and the boys sing "Take You Back", and later "Two Kinds of Love" in Rocky II.
Rittenhouse Square - (Philadelphia) The park that Adrian and Rocky walk through after finding out they're going to have a baby.
Rocky Adrian House in Philly Rocky & Adrian’s House in Rocky II - (Philadelphia) "Nice steps." This is the house Rocky and Adrian buy in Rocky II just after their wedding.
Rocky II Pontiac Trans Am Trans Am Car Dealership - (Philadelphia) Can he drive? He's one of the greats! This tiny spot downtown is where Rocky bought his Trans Am.
Mighty Mick's Gym Interior Main Street Gym - (Los Angeles) L.A.'s historic gym was utilized as the interior of Mighty Mick's during the filming of Rocky.