Rocky II Chicken Chase Rocky II Chicken Chase - "If you can catch dis thing, you can catch greased lightning," Mickey tells Rocky as he chases a chicken during his training.
Rocky II Ambulance Hospital Rocky II Philadelphia Hospital - Following his battle with Apollo Creed, Rocky is taken by ambulance to the Philadelphia Hospital emergency room entrance on Spruce Street.
Rocky II Hospital Scene Rocky II Hospital Outpatient Building - When Rocky leaves the hospital, he's met with his agent trying to get a signature for a commercial job outside the Outpatient building.
Rocky II Hospital Chapel Scene Rocky II Hospital Chapel - Rocky and Mickey stay and pray in this hospital's chapel while Adrian is in a coma following the birth of Rocky Jr.
Rocky "Take You Back" Location “Take You Back” Street Corners - (Philadelphia) The corner where Frank Stallone and the boys sing "Take You Back", and later "Two Kinds of Love" in Rocky II.
Rittenhouse Square - (Philadelphia) The park that Adrian and Rocky walk through after finding out they're going to have a baby.
Rocky Adrian House in Philly Rocky & Adrian’s House in Rocky II - (Philadelphia) "Nice steps." This is the house Rocky and Adrian buy in Rocky II just after their wedding.
Rocky II Pontiac Trans Am Trans Am Car Dealership - (Philadelphia) Can he drive? He's one of the greats! This tiny spot downtown is where Rocky bought his Trans Am.
Mighty Mick's Gym Interior Main Street Gym - (Los Angeles) L.A.'s historic gym was utilized as the interior of Mighty Mick's during the filming of Rocky.
Bonwit Teller & Co. - (Philadelphia) The exterior of this Philadelphia department store branch was seen in Rocky II, however Bonwit Teller is no longer in residence.