It' Ain't Over Till It's Over
Rocky Balboa Gym South Philly Lifting Club - Rocky and the gang begin training for Balboa's fight against Mason "The Line" Dixon at an abandoned looking gym in South Philly.
Rocky Balboa Speech to Son Site of Rocky Balboa’s “Sunshine and Rainbows” Speech - "It ain't about how hard you can hit ..." Considered the most inspirational speech in the Rocky movies, Rocky Balboa's message to his son was filmed here.
Robert’s Office Building - (Philadelphia) Rocky Jr. works in this modern all-glass building located in Philadelphia. It's here that Rocky comes to visit his son, and meets Robert's boss for a photo.
Rocky and Paulie’s House in “Rocky Balboa” - (Philadelphia) In 2006's 'Rocky Balboa', the first time we see Rocky, its in this house, located in his old Kensington, Philadelphia neighborhood.
Rocky Balboa Filming Location Demolished Ice Skating Rink - (Philadelphia) The demolished ice skating rink where Rocky takes Adrian for their first date on Thanksgiving night.
Robert’s Apartment - (Philadelphia) Rocky Jr.'s apartment house sets the scene for Rocky's dream of stepping back into the ring.
Milo Ventimiglia in Rocky Balboa Irish Pub - (Philadelphia) Thirsty? You can stop for a drink at the pub where "Baby Rocky" watched the computer fight between his dad and Mason Dixon.
Lucky Seven Tavern in Rocky Lucky Seven Tavern - (Philadelphia) The Lucky Seven Tavern seen in Rocky is a different location than the one in Rocky Balboa.
Rocky Balboa Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - (Las Vegas) Mandalay Bay's sports arena was the scene of Rocky's final fight against Mason Dixon.
Little Marie's House in Rocky Balboa Little Marie & Steps’ House - (Philadelphia) This run-down street was used as the seedy neighborhood of grown-up Little Marie and her son, Steps. Her house has a nice, workin’ lightbulb out front, too.