CREED (2015)

Your Legacy is More Than a Name
Apollo Creed’s Mansion - (Philadelphia) Apollo's money bought Mary Anne Creed this huge estate set in Los Angeles, CA where she brings Adonis Creed to live with her.
Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk - (Philadelphia) Rocky trains Adonis here at Philly's riverside boardwalk which offers gorgeous views of the city's skyline.
Goodison Park - (Liverpool, UK) Football stadium home to Everton featured the background crowd footage used in the Conlan v. Creed fight.
Creed’s “Fighting Stronger” Running Route - (Philadelphia) Street that Adonis runs down with the biker kids as they go to see Rocky.
Front Street Gym - (Philadelphia) The boxing gym where Rocky Balboa trains Adonis Creed.
The Electric Factory - (Philadelphia) Adonis checks out Bianca's live show at Philly's famous concert venue.
Max’s Steaks - (Philadelphia) Adonis and Bianca have their first date over a Philly cheesesteak.
Rocky’s House in “Creed” - (Philadelphia) Rocky Balboa's new Philly home seen in Creed.
Adonis Creed’s Apartment - (Philadelphia) Donny's apartment in Philly, also Bianca's apartment.
Delphi Boxing Academy - (Philadelphia) Meant to be Apollo's home gym in Los Angeles, this place is really in Philly.