Sylvester Stallone Screenworn Boxing Gloves & Shoes from Rocky III

Sep 10, 2015 | Articles

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Profiles in History, famous for its always-incredible auction catalogs chock full of some of the most unique and fascinating items from Hollywood history, has issued its latest auction catalog of Hollywood memorabilia (click to view the entire catalog).

Featured are three Rocky-related items including the screen-worn black Tuff-wear boxing gloves and shoes Sylvester Stallone wore on screen in Rocky III, along with Mr. T‘s screenworn black and white “CLUBBER” boxing trunks from his role as Clubber Lang in Rocky 3.

The three-day auction begins on September 29, 2015 and online bids are being accepted. (Click here for auction details.)

The black boxing gloves and shoes were worn by Stallone in the opening credits of Rocky III during the “Eye of the Tiger” career montage in which we see Rocky battling several opponents as he is glorified in his heavyweight championship status.

The black boxing shoes are imprinted with the name “ROCKY” on the backs. These same two items were sold at auction this summer through Julien’s and fetched a very high $34,000.


Rocky Balboa’s black boxing gloves and shoes appear together as a set at auction with an estimated value of $30,000 – $50,000.

Rocky’s boots are fashioned of custom leather in black and yellow and are made by Nike. “ROCKY” is printed on the backs of the boots which also feature hanging yellow tassles, one of which is missing from the left boot. Stallone can be seen on screen wearing the boots in a quick moment during the “Eye of the Tiger” montage when the camera sits low in the ring and happens to show his feet.

The black Tuf-wear boxing gloves were screenworn by Sylvester Stallone and also appear on camera during “Eye of the Tiger”. The gloves are sized 16 XL and the right glove is inscribed by Sly: “To Steve, Gloves used in Rocky II & Rocky III Best Sly Stallone.”


Mr. T’s Clubber Lang boxing trunks are of satin-finish black polyester fabric trimmed in white with “CL” embroidered in white on the left leg and “CLUBBER” embroidered in black on the wide waistband. The boxing shorts show moderate staining and production wear. The shorts were screen-worn and appear in the second Rocky vs. Lang boxing match in Rocky III (Mr. T wears blue shorts with a white stripe in the first match towards the beginning of the film.)

The trunks are coupled with a letter of provenance explaining how Mr. T gifted the shorts to a friend’s son who was a real-life boxer. Auction estimate: $6,000 – $8,000.

A fairly accurate replica of Clubber Lang’s boxing shorts are available for purchase online.


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