Screen-Worn Clothing & Props from Creed II Now at Auction

Nov 29, 2018 | Articles

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Whoa, now this is a lot of stuff to look through!

VIP Fan Auctions is auctioning off a huge amount of screen-worn costumes and props used in Creed II this week. The eBay auctions close on Friday, November 30, so there is limited time left to bid.

You may remember that VIP auctioned the majority of props and costumes from the original Creed a few years back, and this collection of Creed II memorabilia is sure to be even more popular.

Of course you want to know what Sylvester Stallone items are available. We’ve got Rocky’s cornerman outfit, a hoodie, his Philly Eagles shirt used in a deleted scene in which the Stallion is coaching kids in the gym; Rocky’s white apron and Converse sneakers from the scene in which he’s kneading dough in Adrian’s kitchen. One of the coolest items? Rocky Balboa’s Heavyweight Boxing Championship ring which, as of this writing, is over $1,000.

A giant selection of Michael B. Jordan’s costumes are available including Nike training clothes, street gear and props, like the license plates from his ‘Stang.

For the girls, we’ve got Bianca Taylor’s wardrobe, shoes, bags and jewelry – plus, coolest of all – her engagement ring from Donnie. Any of you Rocky fans lookin’ to propose this Christmas? Here’s an idea (wink, wink.)

The Drago collection features a few Dolph Lundgren pieces of clothing, including his Russian red DRAGO cornerman outfit. There’s more Florian Munteanu wardrobe than there is Lundgren, including workout clothes and a few props. There are even a couple of lots dedicated to Ludmilla Drago (Brigitte Nielsen) featuring her classy jewelry and the dark gown she wears in her entrance to the dinner party.

Various props which were specially created for Creed II are available. Several awesome items from the Creed Mansion include Apollo’s boxing gloves and several boxing awards and plaques, and a recreation of his 1971 Championship belt. The awards look fairly hastily made and very modern, which didn’t matter on screen since there were no closeups. Though in the film, we caught sight of an award dated 1994 – perhaps the most incredible feat for the Master of Disaster, a return from the grave!

Noticeably absent are any screen-used boxing trunks or Rocky’s black leather jacket and hat. These items, particularly Rocky’s, appear to be separately owned and “rented” from the private collection of Sylvester Stallone.

Links to all Creed II auctions:

Rocky Balboa’s White/Blue CREED Cornerman Outfit

Rocky Balboa’s Heavyweight Championship Ring

Rocky Balboa’s Grey Hoodie & Longsleeve Shirt

Rocky Balboa’s Lincoln Athletic Tee & Pants

Rocky Balboa’s Philadelphia Eagles Sweatshirt & Pants

Rocky Balboa’s Restaurant Apron Outfit & Sneakers

Rocky Balboa’s Reading Glasses & Case

Rocky Balboa’s Rugged Prop Medicine Ball from Training Montage

Sylvester Stallone’s Stunt Double CREED Corner Sweater

Rocky Balboa’s Philadelphia License Plate & Restaurant Invoices

Adonis Creed’s Nike Workout Shirt

Adonis Creed’s Nike T-Shirt & Pants

Adonis Creed’s Dirty Training Montage Outfit

Adonis Creed’s All Saints Jacket from Max’s Cheesesteaks Scene

Adonis Creed’s Sweater, Pants & Shoes Set

Adonis Creed’s Sweatshirt & Workout Pants Set

Adonis Creed’s Workout Tank & Shorts Set

Adonis Creed’s Casual Shirt & Pants Set

Adonis Creed’s Jewelry and Accessories

Adonis Creed’s Medication & Sports Illustrated Prop Magazine

Adonis Creed’s Weight Set & Head Gear from Training Montage

Adonis Creed’s Mouth Guard and Water Bottle Set

Bianca’s Engagement Ring & Box

Bianca’s Jewelry, Shoes & Accessories

Bianca’s Brics Duffle Bag

Bianca’s Los Angeles House Outfit

Bianca’s Striped Sweater & Slippers Set

Bianca’s USMC Military Jacket Set

Bianca’s Jacket, T-Shirt & Pants Outfit

Bianca’s Uggs Boots

California License Plates from Apollo Creed’s Mustang

CREED & ADONIS California License Plate Set

Apollo Creed’s 1971 World Boxing Championship Belt

Apollo Creed’s 1978 Boxing Award Figure

Apollo Creed’s Framed Red/White Boxing Trunks from Rocky II

Apollo Creed’s Box-Display Boxing Gloves from Creed Mansion

Framed Apollo Creed Photo & Sports Illustrated from Creed Mansion

Apollo Creed News Clippings in Shadow Box from Creed Mansion

Apollo Creed’s Award Plaques from Creed Mansion

Ivan Drago’s Sweatshirt & Pants

Ivan Drago’s Red Cornerman DRAGO Shirt & Pants

Ivan Drago’s Sparring Set

Viktor Drago’s Blue Sweatsuit

Viktor Drago’s Casual Shirt & Pants

Viktor Drago’s Warm Jacket & Pants

Viktor Drago’s Under Armor Workout Clothes

Viktor Drago’s Hand Tape & Towel Set

Viktor Drago’s Work Gloves & Bag of Russian Cement

Ludmilla Drago’s Jewelry & High Heels Set

Ludmilla Drago’s Floor Length Gown

Mary Anne Creed’s Wedding Band Set & Keyring

Mary Anne Creed’s Tunic & Trousers

Mary Anne Creed’s Shawl & Outfit

“Little Duke” / Wood Harris’ Cornerman Outfit

“Little Duke” Jordan Jacket & Pants Set

Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler Boxing Gloves

Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler License Plates

Bottle of Four Aces Whiskey from Paulie’s Grave

Ukrainian Boxing Opponent Trunks & Shoes

Promoter Buddy Marcelle’s Suit & Shirt

Adrian’s Restaurant Framed Photograph Set

Adrian’s Restaurant Framed Photo Set #2

Adrian’s Restaurant Framed Photo Set #3

Russian Boxing Ring Cards Set



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