Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers Reunite at “Creed” Movie Premiere

Nov 20, 2015 | Articles, Videos

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A big surprise for Rocky fans at last night’s world premiere of Creed in Los Angeles, California when The King of Sting showed up to support the Creed crew on the red carpet.

Actor Carl Weathers, who hasn’t had much to do with the Rocky series since his character’s death back in 1985’s Rocky IV, attended the film premiere and was photographed throwing fists with his old on-screen rival Sylvester Stallone, and perhaps even more amazingly, posed for photos with both Stallone and Michael B. Jordan, the actor who plays Weathers’ on-screen son, Adonis Creed in the new Rocky spinoff movie.

The 67 year old Weathers looked to be in great form, and in the Rocky “family photos” showing the fictional father and son Creeds, Weathers stands a few inches taller than Jordan. “Just from the trailer, it seems to be the best work [Sly’s] ever done. He hits it out of the park, and if there’s a vote, I’ll be voting for him,” Weathers said of the Oscar talk about Stallone’s performance.

Other highlights included a red carpet walk from actor Dolph Lundgren, who famously killed Apollo Creed in the ring back in Rocky IV; action heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger and Randy Couture and real life boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya. Creed’s other star, actress Tessa Thompson (who plays Adonis’ girlfriend Bianca) looked beautiful as she posed for cast photos. Thompson gives a wonderful performance in the movie.

The press reviews for Creed have thus far been incredible and are awash with buzz suggesting that Sylvester Stallone be up for an Academy Award nomination for his performance in the movie. Movie review hub Rotten Tomatoes already ranks Creed at a very healthy 88% – by contrast, the original Rocky received 93% and 2006’s Rocky Balboa came in at just 76%.


The day after the world premiere, Weathers sent a Tweet to Michael B. Jordan that’s sure to be remembered among Rocky fans saying: “You did well for the CREED name!” @michaelb4jordan You did well for the CREED name! Congrats on great job, my friend! May your success continue. #BePeace — Carl Weathers (@TheCarlWeathers) November 20, 2015


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