The Rare “Rocky II” Photos Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers are Talking About

Mar 6, 2017 | Articles

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Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed rematch! Ok, only in the social media universe.

Still, it’s cool for fans to see the two action legends talking about their most famous roles in the “Rocky” movie series.

Sylvester Stallone has been unearthing some great photographic treasures from his archives this week, including some very rare shots from Rocky II and Rocky III.

“Just came across a very super Rare photo and would like to share with you all and wish Carl Weathers good luck starring in a new TV show “Chicago justice”!,” Stallone posted on Instagram this week along with a color photo of Apollo Creed throwing a mean left hook at Rocky, who’s (for once) ducking the blow defensively. The still comes from their Superfight rematch in Rocky II.

Stallone references Carl Weathers’ latest big news – the “Predator” star has just landed a role on NBC’s “Chicago Justice”, a spinoff of the popular Chicago-centric television lineup. Weathers plays State’s Attorney Mark Jefferies in the new legal drama.

Weathers responded to his old pal’s congratulatory post with a Tweet of his own, thanking Sly for his good wishes.

Sly also dug into the photo archives and brought out another great shot which is definitely a rare Rocky photo. The behind the scenes photo is a closeup of Stallone wearing wound makeup as the film’s clapper board just comes into view. “ROCKY 2. Never saw this one,” Sly captions the picture. “First ROCKY film I directed … this is moments before ROCKY Yells. “Yo , Adrian , I DID IT !!!!”


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