Petition to Save the “Rocky Steps” in Philadelphia

Jun 23, 2014 | Articles

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(Above model: Proposed rendering of the ‘new look’ which features a large section of the middle of the steps being removed.)

Steps Outside Philadelphia Museum of Art in Danger

They’re recognized as one of the top iconic film locations in cinema history, and they may be at risk.

We’re talking about ‘The Rocky Steps’, the unofficial name given by millions of fans the world over to the 72 stone steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Scores of Rocky-lovers climb to the top every year, retracing their hero’s steps.

The museum, one of the largest in the United States, has been sacred ground to Rocky fans since 1976.

According to an article on, there’s talk of possibly altering the face of the steps themselves to make way for a forthcoming art exhibition.

The plan “involves cutting a chunk of the Rocky steps so a roughly 24-foot-high window can be inserted halfway up. It would form the east wall of the new gallery and offer views of the skyline.” While this idea is one of a handful of options being offered to highlight an exhibition, it isn’t set in stone, although it has allegedly garnered some measure of interest from the powers that be.

Sign the Petition to Save “The Rocky Steps”

If you’re interested in having your say in preserving this piece of important cinema history and retaining the original Rocky Steps for generations to come, please click here to sign the petition to Save the Rocky Steps.

Update: 2015. We can relax for now, these renovation plans never moved forward and the Rocky Steps are not currently at risk.


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