Sly: “My favorite group – Valentine.”

Sylvester Stallone, in between the films Rocky and Rocky II, introduced his younger brother Frank Stallone and his band Valentine on the Dinah Shore Show in 1977.

This performance would mark Frank and the group’s television debut. Valentine featured performers Bobby Tangrea, Jody Giambelluca, Bill Ring, and Peter Glassberg, all of whom appeared in the original Rocky as the street corner singers along with Frank.

“A long time ago in Maryland, there was this little boy who bought a guitar and his name was Frank Stallone,” Sly says of his singing brother in this video intro.

“I grew up with a tin ear and he acquired all the musical talent in the family,” Stallone continues. “He’s been putting it to me literally for years, saying that I was born with the voice of a frog – well – he was right.”

Frank Stallone sings a fantastic and funky live version of the Rocky¬†soundtrack song that he wrote and performed throughout the series – the very memorable “Take You Back”.