Front Street Gym

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2076 E Clearfield Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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Seen In: Creed

“This’ll get the job done. Really well.”

This real-life boxing gym in Philly is considered a favorite among the athletes who train there.

Both the exterior and interior of Front Street Gym were heavily featured in Creed. It was here that Sylvester Stallone gave one of the most incredible dramatic performances of his career when he shared the emotional scene with Michael B. Jordan in the boxing club’s locker room.

Scenes were shot here during the first week of February, 2015, when the streets surrounding the gym were shut down for production and additional photographs were hung on the walls of the gym as part of the set dressing.

Front Street has been fighting strong since the 1950’s, and continues to provide an old school training experience to today’s up and coming fighters.

Frank Kubach, Front Street’s owner for the past 25 years said during the time of filming: “Rocky brought something back to the fight game. But we’re really losing the fight game again, in a way. I hope he brings something back [with Creed].”

Rocky recommends moving Donny away from Mighty Mick’s Gym (located on Front Street) and relocates him to Front Street Gym, giving him his own home base. This gym is actually at the end of the route that Adonis runs during the dramatic slow-motion scene in the film (click here to see the route) which culminates with Rocky looking down out of one of the gym windows.


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