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3900 Buck Road
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Seen in: Creed


In 2015’s Creed, Mary Anne Creed welcomes Apollo’s son into her mega-mansion in L.A. The custom-built six bedroom home features a palatial foyer designed with an incredible double staircase, gilded chandeliers and cut glass features.

Set in Los Angeles, California, the address used in the movie is fictitious (8541 Berro Drive). The real mansion is located in Philadelphia, just a forty minute drive from The Rocky Steps.

We first caught a glimpse of the Creed family home back in Rocky II. That was also the first time we saw Apollo’s two children, a boy and a girl – Adonis Creed’s older siblings.

Apollo’s house was never seen again in the Rocky series save for the scene in the Champ’s back yard swimming pool where he was seen playing with his two Golden Retrievers in Rocky IV.

Rocky purists will agree that since this real-life estate was built in 1993 – some years after Apollo Creed’s death – that the King of Sting never actually lived here, and that Mary Anne Creed moved into the property at some time after his death (and Donny’s birth.)

“Do you know how many times I had to carry the heavyweight champion of the world up these stairs because he couldn’t walk?”

The real Philadelphia mansion’s exterior and interior was used during the production of Creed, most memorably in the scene when Adonis tells Mary Anne he’s leaving for Philly.

Other portions of the home’s interior were used in Creed including in some deleted scenes from the movie.

Although the real location does have an in-home theatre, this room was not the same as the one Adonis uses to watch the YouTube footage of Rocky and Apollo’s first boxing match.

“The totally custom house was originally built for a high-profile Philadelphia business leader,” says Max Spann Auctions, who is listing the estate at auction on November 2, 2016. “Following his death, his family sold the estate but the buyer unfortunately lost it to the bank.”

Travel Tip

Although the house is a driveable distance from the rest of the Rocky filming locations in Philadelphia, this one isn’t worth visiting since it is such a private and secluded residence. All that can be seen from the street are endless trees planted for privacy.


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