Sylvester Stallone Comes Home, Films “Rocky II”

Dec 9, 1978 | Articles

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By Susan Davis, News Editor | The Lincoln Log

Once again Joel Spivak invited Lincoln High’s journalism students to his studio for a live show. This show was taped very much like any other show, except the guest was quite out of the ordinary. That’s right, you guessed it, Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone received a top billing on Friday, December 1.

WCAU TV was kind enough to send transportation to pick up the “ready-made” audience consisting of about forty very excited journalism students.

We arrived approximately twenty minutes before the show was to go on. When everyone had arrived the producer opened the doors to the studio where the show is taped. A mad dash was made to secure seats on the front row.

The producers soon found they had a serious problem, too many people, and not enough seats. The studio was jammed, people were standing all over. Finally things quieted down; the people without seats were asked to stand behind the cameras.


The long awaited moment had come. “Rocky” entered and took his place on the short platform.

Surely enough this audience did not need signals from the director to applaud. When Mr. Spivak finished giving his introduction he gave the floor to the audience. As usual, the Lincoln students decided to break the ice.

When asked how many girls he had kissed during the filming of “Rocky II,” Mr. Stallone simply replied “17, 382.”

Throughout the show Mr. Stallone shared many of the “Philadelphian” experiences with us.

He asked if we remembered the scene in the original “Rocky” when a man threw an orange to him while he was jogging. Of course the audience recalled that scene. Mr. Stallone went on to tell the inside story. He caught the orange and only ran a few yards and tossed it back. When he tossed it back the orange hit a bystander in the head. Not many Philadelphians would get hit in the head with an orange and not retaliate. The bystander threw the orange back and hit “Rocky” in the face.

Then, as if getting hit in the face wasn’t enough, the man who tossed “Rocky” the orange in the movie had to be paid $3,000.


Mr. Spivak showed clips of the filming of “Rocky II” during the show.

One of the clips was the “Rocky II” cast and crew trying to clear a street in South Philadelphia so a scene could be shot. After the clip a Lincoln student asked Mr. Stallone how different the filming of “Rocky” was opposed to the filming of “Rocky II.”

Mr. Stallone told us it was quite a change. While filming the original “Rocky” he was an unknown. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine “Rocky” to be the success it was. Because of the fame he acquired with “Rocky” everyone is extremely helpful in making “Rocky II” a success also. Mr. Stallone was very grateful to the city of Philadelphia for opening the doors of the city to him while he was filming there.

In the closing minutes of the show Mr. Stallone gave a special thanks to Lincoln High School and students for being so cooperative while he filmed part of “Rocky II.”

Quickly he added, “Rocky II” is going to be even better than “Rocky,” so everyone go and see it. Besides if you’re in it you may even become a star!”


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