Sly’s Screen-Worn Boxing Gloves and Boots from Rocky II Sell for $34K

Jun 30, 2015 | Articles

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On the auction block this month, Sylvester Stallone’s screen-worn boxing gloves and boots from the Rocky films. Julien’s Auctions listed the items in this summer’s Hollywood Legends auction catalog with an estimated value of $4,000 – $6,000. The items¬†went on to sell for an astonishing $34,375.

The lot featured Sly’s pair of black Tuf-Wear boxing gloves used in character as Rocky Balboa in Rocky II (1979) and Rocky III (1982). The inside of the right glove is signed by Sly in black marker and inscribed “To Steve, gloves used in Rocky II x III Stallone,” and the inside of the left glove has “16 XL” handwritten within in an unknown hand. Also included were a pair of black Nike lace-up boots with yellow trim and tassels with “ROCKY” printed on the back.

The black and gold boots Stallone wears during Rocky’s Superfight II against Apollo Creed were very similar to those offered at Julien’s, but actually¬†featured a gold stallion emblem on the side of each boot. The boxing gloves he wears during the Superfight are red Cleto Reyes; Stallone wore black boxing gloves in a few publicity stills for Rocky II, however those were the Everlast brand.



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