Muhammad Ali Writes Poem to Sylvester Stallone

Jun 4, 2016 | Articles, Videos

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“You’re a Magnificent International Treasure”

For Muhammad Ali’s 60th birthday in 2002, a special televised event was aired to fete the Champ. Sylvester Stallone was one famous friend on hand to honor Ali, and he brought along a clip of their first meeting – at the 1977 Academy Awards show when Ali surprised Stallone by walking up behind him on stage and sparring with him.

Later that night, Sly explains in this clip, Muhammad Ali slipped a note into Stallone’s┬ápocket before they parted ways.

What was it? A poem, of course, written by The Greatest of All Time.

You fought and you worked,
You’re a determined guy.

Rocky is great,
And I love you, Sly.

If you don’t get an Oscar,
Remember please do –
The Greatest will ALWAYS get one
Because I’m prettier than you.

Ironically, Stallone lost his Oscar not once, but twice. Even Rocky can’t beat the real Heavyweight Champ!


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