The Story Behind Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” for Rocky III

Feb 16, 2015 | Articles

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An excerpt from a new interview with the legendary band Survivor recounts the story behind the creation of what is perhaps their best known song the world over, and what is (next to Bill Conti’s original score) Rocky’s anthem – “Eye of the Tiger”:

We see this montage [Rocky III opening credits] that we’re supposed to write to. Mr. T rising up, and Stallone getting kind of soft, doing commercials.

I had my Les Paul around my neck, and I just caught that vibe. I just started going (plays chugging guitar intro).

And then the punches were being thrown, and I just went (plays power chords). It was like electricity in that room, but we couldn’t get any further because we didn’t know the story. But we had this amazing intro.

The next day he sent us the whole movie, and that’s when we really got the story. We were very inspired by this story, and Burgess Meredith, (who plays) the trainer, going “Rocky, you’re losing the eye of the tiger.” I go, “Bingo. There’s our hook.”

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