Adonis to Rocky: “Did you know that Apollo was cheating on Mary Anne?”

Feb 15, 2016 | Articles

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In advance of the upcoming DVD / BluRay release of Creed from Warner Bros. has released one of the deleted scenes which will be featured on the DVD.

The scene takes place in the back yard of Rocky’s house, where we see his Everlast heavy bag hanging, and a thoughtful Adonis perched atop a chain link fence.

Donny asks Rocky about Apollo’s affair – which evidently occurred during the time of Rocky IV. This is the scene which brought us the now well-known line of dialogue from Michael B. Jordan which was used extensively in the film’s pre-release trailers, and which even appears in one of the tracks on the Creed soundtrack CD:

“Every move that I make, every punch that I throw, everything is gonna be compared to him.”

“Do you believe in yourself? Say it.” Rocky asks.

“I believe in myself,” Donny replies.

“Ok, that’s a good start.”

For Rocky fans, this brief moment was a nice bit of intimacy about the Rockyverse, however it is understandable as to why the filmmakers left this scene out of the finished print.

If the story is supposed to be focused on the new character of Adonis, then Rocky Balboa is all the throwback we need to the previous films, many (or most) of which are not familiar to new fans who just got on board with Creed alone. The scene is, however, a nice nugget for Rocky fans to enjoy on the DVD.

The scene then picks up when Rocky walks back into his kitchen to answer the ringing phone to speak to “Pretty” Ricky Conlan’s manager; this is the portion of the scene which was left in the film.

(PS – No, Rocky didn’t know Apollo cheated on his wife.)


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