A Fighter. A Lover. A Legend. The Greatest Challenge.

In Rocky III, Rocky Balboa undergoes both internal and external changes in attempts to improve his personal life, is challenged to hold his World Heavyweight title, and finds that it’s not nearly as difficult to get to the top as it is to stay there. He also learns how to get back the Eye of the Tiger.

While this third installment follows the paths of the characters from the original film, Rocky III also depicts the tremendous differences that time – and success – have brought into each of the character’s lives.

Explore this section to learn more about Rocky 3, known among fans as “the one with Mr. T”. The Rocky series’ second sequel also introduced us to the bronze Rocky Statue which made its first appearance on film here and continues to be captured photographically by millions of fans who visit it at the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia to this day.

In the merchandise and memorabilia section you’ll get a glimpse of the knockout phenomenon the series had become at the time of this picture’s release. You’ll notice that there were far more Rocky goods produced in connection with this sequel than with any of the others.