ROCKY II (1979)

The Rematch of the Century


Workout Clothes

Rocky brings back his trademark grungy gray sweatshirt, sweatpants and Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers for his training montage. He actually wears TWO sweatshirts layered one on top of the other; his Rocky II sweatsuit is slightly different than what he wore in Rocky. 1976’s Rocky wears a zippered gray hoodie beneath a simple gray sweatshirt with the sleeves cut short and rolled up slightly. In Rocky II, the original hoodie has been replaced with a non-hooded sweatshirt. On the back of his shirt is a written ITALIAN STALLION in black marker.

His trousers are gray drawstring sweatpants with straight legs. In Mickey’s Gym, he’s also seen wearing a simple red headband (yes, Rambo style) which he recycles when playing stickball with the kids in the street outside his house.

While lifting weights and skipping in the gym, he wears a simple sleeveless white undershirt / tank top and black Tuf-wear boxing shorts, as well as his memorable WIN, ROCKY, WIN tshirt with the sleeves cut off.


Black Leather Jacket

Sylvester Stallone brings back the same style 70’s black leather jacket that he wore in the original Rocky. He only wears this black leather jacket until shortly after he marries Adrian; that’s when he buys the classy silk tiger jacket which he wears throughout the rest of the film. The actual black leather jacket worn in Rocky II is part of Sylvester Stallone’s collection of Rocky artifacts sold by Heritage Auctions in December, 2015. Rocky didn’t wear this style jacket again until 1990’s Rocky V which marked its last onscreen appearance.


T-Shirts, Hat & Gloves

Sylvester Stallone wears a series of simple, pocket-less single color tshirts in Rocky II. Black, canary yellow, powder blue and red, for the most part worn beneath his tiger jacket or black leather jacket.

His hat is a wool / felt fedora style and is very dark blue in color, appearing black in most scenes. If this is not the exact same hat he wears in the original film, then the Rocky II fedora is absolutely identical and is quite scuffed and worn looking. He finishes his casual look with black fingerless gloves, which he also wore in Rocky.


Black Satin Tiger Jacket

Rocky buys a black satin jacket with an embroidered tiger on the back at Philadelphia’s Bonwit Teller department store. The black satin zip-front jacket is a casual baseball style design and features a very detailed and colorful image of a tiger embroidered on the back. The tiger imagery ties in with Rocky’s proposal to Adrian at the zoo when he invites Mr. Tiger to the wedding, and as we all remember, he goes on to get the “Eye of the Tiger” in Rocky III.

Spot-on replicas of this jacket are made by the incredible Walt Wizard Studios and the embroidered tiger graphic can be purchased on eBay to sew onto your own jacket. The original screenworn jacket was on display around the world for many years, highlighted at Stallone’s Planet Hollywood restaurants. The original is offered in Stallone’s Collection at Heritage Auctions. You can buy the same style plain jacket by clicking here.


Rocky’s Jewelry

Rocky II marks the first sequel in which we see Rocky wearing jewelry of any sort. He wears a gold crucifix necklace with most of his wardrobe. Many Catholic necklaces feature the cross only, but Rocky’s also has the figure of Jesus represented on his. Early in the film, he buys a black leather studded dog collar at the pet shop which he uses as a bracelet. He and Adrian both wear simple gold wedding bands.


Rocky’s Boxing Clothes

In Rocky II, Rocky wears a new set of colors when he steps into the ring for his rematch with Apollo Creed. Balboa wears black and gold, the colors of his former Philadelphia high school, and in the original story for Rocky II, the black boxing trunks, trimmed in gold, were given to him by Adrian as a gift. The name “ROCKY” is embroidered on the left leg in yellow. Rocky also wears white athletic socks with black and gold stripes and black and gold boxing shoes with a yellow colored horse graphic on the sides symbolising the Italian Stallion. The boots also have yellow hanging tassles.

Rocky trains on the speedbag wearing red Everlast boxing gloves and fights Apollo wearing lace-up red Cleto Reyes boxing gloves (Apollo wears the same style gloves.) In publicity photos, Stallone was photographed wearing red Casanova boxing gloves (however he never wore Casanova in Rocky II) as well as black Casanova gloves in stills with Carl Weathers.

Upon entering the ring to face Apollo – as well in publicity photos for Rocky II – Stallone wears a gold satin boxing robe with black edging and the name “ROCKY” embroidered on the left breast.


Butkus’ Clothes

Yep, even Rocky’s dog Butkus has a sense of fashion. Rocky’s Bull Mastiff wears a vintage green and white Philadelphia Eagles jersey in the movie. Today, pet apparel is all the rage, but back in the 1970’s, shirts for dogs were all but unheard of – so Butkus is wearing a human-sized football jersey sporting the Eagles’ late 1970’s design with three white stripes on the sleeves. The back of his shirt says EAGLES. Since Butkus (Sylvester Stallone’s real-life dog) was named after famed Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus, it’s appropriate that he supports his local Philly football team. Rocky adds to the dog’s wardrobe when he buys Butkus a black leather studded dog collar at the pet shop.