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Following the blockbuster success of the original Rocky, the time was ripe for merchandising opportunities with the follow-up film Rocky II. A few pieces of merchandise were released at the time of the film in 1979, and more items of memorabilia have been produced in the years since. Wanna see the newer stuff? Check out Rocky II action figures here.



Produced in 1979, leading trading card company Topps, most famous for its sports and baseball cards, produced a complete set of Rocky II bubble gum cards featuring various scenes from the movie, including some versions not seen in the finished print. Perhaps the most interesting card in the set shows Rocky at a podium in a deleted scene during which he receives an honorary high school diploma.

The main set includes 99 color cards and 22 stickers. One sticker was included per pack of trading cards, recycling images from the main set of cards. Today, the Rocky II stickers are a lot more common than the cards since the stickers were produced in enormous quantities.




Manufactured in Hong Kong in 1979 by Road Champs, the Rocky II toy car is made of die cast metal with free wheeling action and opening doors. The trunk of the car features the Rocky II logo and the hood features the standard gold Firebird emblem present on Rocky’s Pontiac Trans Am in the movie.

The toy car originally sold in the US for about .96 cents. Current prices for the vintage Road Champs car range between $20 – $80 if still sealed on its original card.

In 2013, Greenlight Collectibles, a producer of detailed high quality die cast vehicles produced its own version of Rocky’s Firebird in 1:64th Scale in its Hollywood Series 5. Greenlight’s clamshell packaging features images of Rocky and Apollo and a banner reading “The Rematch of the Century.”


The novelization of Rocky II was written by Sylvester Stallone and published in 1979 and these paperback books feature two different covers; one features the Rocky II logo, the other features an image of a bruised and bloodied Stallone. This book makes for an interesting read as it is told in Rocky’s voice, using his manner of speakin’. Scenes in the novel which do not directly feature Rocky are written normally. Interestingly, the novelization features a number of details and tidbits that did not appear in the movie, including a character named Chink Webner loosely based on real-life fighter and inspiration for the Rocky v. Apollo match, Chuck Wepner. SHOP FOR THIS BOOK >

Published by Fotonovel Publications in Los Angeles, California, 1979, the Rocky Fotonovel is a really interesting paperback book. It includes “The Best of Rocky” and “The Complete Rocky II”, which tell the entire story of each film using only images from the movies. Every single page is packed with all-color freeze-frames from both movies, captioned with the relevant dialogue from the scene. When read straight through like a book, it really does make you feel a little as though you’ve watched the film. These books originally sold for $2.95 in the US. SHOP FOR THIS BOOK >