ROCKY II (1979)

In 1979, Rocky Balboa returned to the screen in Rocky II, still in pursuit of the unattainable – the heavyweight championship. In essence, the story of Rocky, the pug who never learned the word “impossible”.

Rocky II begins – literally – where the first film left off, with never-say-die Rocky maneuvering for a rematch with champ Apollo Creed. Reunited for the film are the original epic’s entire cast with Stallone at the helm as writer and director.

This is where we see Rocky’s marriage to Adrian, his attempts to get a ‘real life’ job outside of the ring, and the birth of their son, Robert ‘Rocky’ Junior.

With a whispered “Win!”, Rocky’s back on the road towards the arena, engaging in ever-new methods of homespun athletic training including the famous Chicken Chase, as Balboa yearns ever closer to the title of Heavyweight Champion.

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