Rocky’s return to the franchise in 2015’s Creed brings back much of Sylvester Stallone’s wardrobe as seen in 2006’s Rocky Balboa, but with a few updated twists.

Sylvester Stallone in Creed wears the same dark blue colored M-65 field jacket used in Rocky Balboa. This military style jacket is also the same sort worn by Stallone in the original Rambo.

Beneath the field jacket, Creed’s Rocky wears a zippered gray hoodie sweatshirt – a nod to the original he wore back in Rocky during his training days. Creed finds Rocky pretty well snuggled into a series of dark colored hoodies – from heather gray to charcoal gray to maroon. He also wears a black zippered fleece jacket with a popped collar, and a vibrant blue crewneck sweatshirt.

Rocky’s everyday trousers are olive drab khakis, and during the chilly training sequences, he slips into gray Everlast brand track suit bottoms. These simple banded sweatpants feature the Everlast logo in black on the left thigh and Rocky’s exact same style – “Men’s Classic Sweatpants” – can be purchased directly through Everlast’s online store.


For Creed, Rocky goes back to his original hat style; if this hat is not THE original, which Sylvester Stallone wore in Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky V, it is an identical copy.

The true Rocky hat is a dark blue stingy-brim wool fedora. Similar custom-made reproductions of Rocky’s original hat (as well as replicas of his herringbone fedora from Rocky Balboa) can be ordered online at Baron Hats of Hollywood.

For Rocky’s footwear, Stallone wears Carolina brand work boots in Copper Crazyhorse Leather color. During Adonis’ boxing match, Rocky goes old school with his original Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers which he wore back in Rocky and Rocky II.

In contrast to the young Rocky’s fingerless black gloves – best worn when breakin’ thumbs – the sensible older Rocky chooses baggy gray woolen mittens (yes, mittens) for working on the icy streets of Philly loading up his restaurant’s van.


When seen in Adrian’s Restaurant during the scene in with Rocky meets Adonis for the first time, Rocky wears a dark colored v-neck knitted pullover sweater over a white t-shirt. The sweater is somewhat reminiscent of the one he wore back in ’76 on his first date with Adrian.

Where young Rocky stuck to sleeveless white undershirts which showed off his impressive physique, older Rocky sticks to classic plain white tees underneath almost all of his Creed clothing.

Stallone’s modern Rocky also has a penchant for plaid. Balboa wears a few different comfortable looking plaid lumberjack shirts in the film including a black and olive green plaid “Buffalo” style button down shirt, and well-worn plaid button down shirt made of lightweight flannel in royal blue with red accents. He also wears a plaid hunting jacket.

The Tiger Jacket

Until the film premieres, we won’t yet know if Rocky has any real interaction with it – but the Creed trailer gives us a glimpse of Rocky’s original black satin tiger jacket. He memorably spotted the jacket in the Bonwit & Teller store window while out with Adrian in Rocky II and wore the iconic jacket throughout the rest of that film. In Creed, the old jacket can be spotted hanging in Rocky’s basement along with his championship belt. The REAL tiger jacket is included in Sylvester Stallone’s collection of memorabilia set to hit the auction block in December, 2015.


Fight Gear

In Adonis Creed’s corner at the climactic matchup against “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, trainer Rocky Balboa wears the young Creed’s colors; his satin jacket is white, trimmed in blue. His jacket bears the Front Street Gym logo on the left breast. Rocky also sports a black knit watch cap – the same style worn in the original Rocky – but this time, instead of using the cap to stay warm on those cold Philadelphia mornings, Rocky uses the cap to mask the effects of his chemotherapy treatments.