Rocky III Thunderlips Arena Los Angeles Convention Center - Rocky III's charity match between Rocky and Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan) took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Mickey Goldmill’s Cemetery - (Los Angeles) Mickey's Jewish funeral scene was filmed in Los Angeles inside Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in the Beth Olam Mausoleum.
Rocky 3 Hotel Scene Hotel Lorane - (Los Angeles) The dilapidated old L.A. hotel where Rocky, Adrian and Paulie stay in Rocky III.
Santa Monica Beach - (Los Angeles) Rocky and Apollo race each other along the beach in Santa Monica, near the Santa Monica Pier.
Bellevue Stratford Hotel - (Los Angeles) This posh hotel was used as the exterior fa├žade for Balboa's palatial gym in Rocky III.
King Edward Hotel - (Los Angeles) An historic hotel - you can just glimpse it in the background during a city shot in Rocky III.
Mighty Mick's Gym Interior Main Street Gym - (Los Angeles) L.A.'s historic gym was utilized as the interior of Mighty Mick's during the filming of Rocky.
Madison Square Garden - (New York) The Garden's exterior was seen briefly in Rocky III and played host to the Stallion's battle with Clubber Lang.
Rocky Steps Filming Location The Philadelphia Museum of Art - (Philadelphia) The Rocky steps. Enough said. There is not a single more iconic location for die-hard fans. Plus, the giant bronze Rocky statue lives here now, too!
Rocky at Mighty Mick's Gym Mighty Mick’s Gym - (Philadelphia) It's Mickey Goldmill's grungy gym near the pet shop, the spot where Rocky trains - and loses his locker.