Rocky III Filming Locations

Behind the Scenes (Rocky III)

Mickey Goldmill’s Cemetery

(Los Angeles) Mickey’s Jewish funeral scene was filmed in Los Angeles inside Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in the Beth Olam Mausoleum.

Hotel Lorane

(Los Angeles) The dilapidated old L.A. hotel where Rocky, Adrian and Paulie stay in Rocky III.

Santa Monica Beach

(Los Angeles) Rocky and Apollo race each other along the beach in Santa Monica, near the Santa Monica Pier.

Bellevue Stratford Hotel

(Los Angeles) This posh hotel was used as the exterior façade for Balboa’s palatial gym in Rocky III.

King Edward Hotel

(Los Angeles) An historic hotel – you can just glimpse it in the background during a city shot in Rocky III.

Madison Square Garden

(New York) The Garden’s exterior was seen briefly in Rocky III and played host to the Stallion’s battle with Clubber Lang.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

(Philadelphia) The Rocky steps. Enough said. There is not a single more iconic location for die-hard fans. Plus, the giant bronze Rocky statue lives here now, too!

Mighty Mick’s Gym

(Philadelphia) It’s Mickey Goldmill’s grungy gym near the pet shop, the spot where Rocky trains – and loses his locker.