Rocky V Filming Locations

Resurrection Gym

(Los Angeles) The opening shot of the movie features a painting of Jesus overlooking the match between Rocky and Spider Rico.

Robert’s School

(Philadelphia) The hard times of Rocky V sent Robert to his new elementary school here in Passyunk Square. Teach your kid to fight before you enroll him here.

Andy’s Bar

(Philadelphia) This little bar across the street from Mighty Mick’s Gym is where Rocky fought Tommy Gunn in the street

Adrian & Paulie’s House

(Philadelphia) Featured prominently in Rocky and Rocky V, this actual residence looked very similar until about 2010.

The Italian Market

(Philadelphia) Rocky’s morning workout trails right through the middle of the famed Italian Market, and most recently, it’s where we saw the champ buy fresh groceries for his restaurant.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

(Philadelphia) The Rocky steps. Enough said. There is not a single more iconic location for die-hard fans. Plus, the giant bronze Rocky statue lives here now, too!

Mighty Mick’s Gym

(Philadelphia) It’s Mickey Goldmill’s grungy gym near the pet shop, the spot where Rocky trains – and loses his locker.

Adrian’s Pet Shop

(Philadelphia) Adrian’s pet shop – literally just a few steps away from Mighty Mick’s – has gotten dingier with the years. It was, for years, a real pet shop, but was closed in the mid 2000’s.