Stallone wears an off-the-rack black leather jacket from the mid 1970’s that is very difficult to find. Nearly exact replicas of the jacket are sometimes available on eBay.


Rocky Balboa wears a black silk jacket with an embroidered tiger on the back – replicas of this jacket are made by Walt Wizard Studios and the embroidered tiger graphic can be purchased on eBay to sew onto your own jacket. Beneath this jacket he also wears plain red, sky blue and peach colored tshirts and gold Catholic cross necklace. He uses a black leather studded dog collar as a bracelet.


Rocky is first seen wearing his famous gold boxing glove necklace in Rocky 3, though it is not explained in this movie where the necklace came from; it isn’t until Rocky 5 that we learn the history of his boxing glove necklace. Buy a lookalike version of the necklace >


In the Russian training scenes, Stallone wears a handsome dark brown leather bomber jacket lined with fur – the jacket seen in the movie was likely custom tailored for Sly, but several close matches are available to buy. Sew-on patches for the ‘Rocky IV’ crew jacket are available on eBay.

At home, Rocky favors Adidas sports wear such as his black Adidas track suit bottoms with a red stripe.


Rocky 5 features the most focus on Rocky Balboa’s clothes as he discovers his old costume from Rocky 1 in a trunk upstairs in the attic. He slips right back into his original black leather jacket and fedora from the first film. Even Adrian’s glasses make a comeback, if only for a moment, though they’re not the original glasses from Rocky.

When training with Tommy Gunn, Rocky wears his standard gray sweatsuit, wool watchcap and adds a cold weather nylon vest.

For casual wear, Rocky likes a pale yellow crew neck sweater beneath a standard grey hooded sweatshirt which he wears to the Rocky Steps at the end of the movie.


Modern-day Rocky wears a dark colored M-65 style field jacket (the same style John Rambo wears!) and an updated version to his famous fedora hat; it’s not the exact same style he wore in the original Rocky.

When working at Adrian’s Restaurant, Rocky wears a “Dempsey” long sleeved shirt beneath a burgandy colored single-button sport coat. The Dempsey shirt is a nod to boxing icon Jack Dempsey, who, like Rocky with Adrian’s Restaurant, opened a restaurant in Manhattan in the 1930’s. The Dempsey shirt was produced by Everlast and is no longer produced.


Rocky 7’s wardrobe includes the same field jacket and fedora hat used in Rocky Balboa. Stallone also wears Carolina brand work boots in Copper Crazyhorse Leather color.



Did you know that the memorable cat-eye style glasses that Adrian wears in Rocky 1 were actually Talia Shire’s personal eyeglasses? She got the pair from her eye doctor prior to the filming; the glasses are a muted lavender color.

Talia talks more about this and her character’s wardrobe in the audio commentary on the original Rocky DVD special features.

Clothes on Film wrote an amazing article about Adrian’s fashion transformation during the course of the series titled “Talia Shire as Adrian, From Geek to Chic”, click here to read.


In Rocky 4, Rocky presents Adrian with a stunning gold snake style wraparound wristwatch for their wedding anniversary.

The exact type of watch seen on Talia Shire’s wrist in this scene is a Bulgari Serpentine, which is 18 karat gold and has a black face.

Anyone who knows the value of a fine watch (Paulie has two of ’em!) will recognize that this is an extremely expensive gift which shows us how well off the Balboas are to afford such an extravagant timepiece – original versions of this watch sell between $15,000 and $20,000.