“I got to watch the filming of the fight scene between Union Cane (portrayed by former heavyweight boxer Michael Williams) and Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison) back in February, 1990. That’s almost 25 years to the day of the start of Creed’s filming.

“I filled out a form from the local newspaper to get the tickets to the filming. The fight was shot at the Civic Center used for conventions, college basketball, boxing and wrestling – the building has since been torn down and has become a medical center.

“I think there were about 6,000 spectators there, and Tommy Gunn’s 3 minute boxing match scene took 7 hours to film. We didn’t get paid, but we ate a lot of Philly favorites like hoagies, soft pretzels, tastykakes and Little Caesars pizza (which had advertising banners hanging in the arena that can be seen on film). They handed out Rocky hats and tee shirts to the crowd.

“Sylvester Stallone did the directing so he was on set all day. Most of that time was spent waiting for camera set-ups between scenes, and doing retakes. Now I know why it takes 6 to 8 weeks to make a film. It seems to average 1 day of filming for every 2 minutes on screen.

“I was seated in the upper deck of the arena so I didn’t see myself on camera when Rocky V came out. That was a great experience to remember, I love to reminisce.”