St. Thomas Aquinas Church

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St. Thomas Aquinas
1719 Morris Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

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Seen in: Rocky II

“Condominiums? I never use ’em.”

A glorious old parish, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church was founded in 1885 and – just a few years later in the 1970’s – served as the setting of Rocky and Adrian’s wedding. Located in the Italian District, St. Thomas is still an active Catholic parish.

Rocky and Adrian were married in an old style Catholic church interior, however the wedding in Rocky 2 was NOT filmed inside this church in Philadelphia.

The interior of St. Thomas Aquinas in Philly looks very different to what you see in Rocky II. If you have any tips as to where the interior of the church where Rocky and Adrian were married is located, please let us know!

This church is also the filming location that was used for Father Carmine’s scene at the church; the priest opens one of the windows found in the rear of the church on the west side of the property where there is a large parking lot as seen in Rocky II.

A different (and as yet unidentified) location was used years later in Rocky V when Rocky and Tommy Gunn jog by to visit the priest for a blessing.

Robert Plazek’s Travel Tip: “The church where Rocky married Adrian is also home to Father Carmine who Rocky visited before the big rematch in Rocky 2. Walk around to your right, head to the back of the church and on your left you’ll see the spot where Father Carmine blesses Balboa.”


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