Rocky & Adrian's Mansion

Rocky & Adrian's Mansion

Seen in: Rocky IV

56 Fremont Place
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Warning! This is a private residence.

The House in Rocky IV

This beautiful estate in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park was used for both exteriors and interiors of Rocky and Adrian’s estate in Rocky IV. It has quite the film resume, having appeared in many television series from Charlie’s Angels to Weeds, and in feature films most recently in The Artist – the house looks just the same today, right down to the 6-foot concrete lions guarding the front lawn.

Although located in L.A., along with a handful of other filming locations from the series, the Fremont Place house is meant to be set back in Philadelphia. In real life, the property was once owned by America’s Sweetheart and first bona fide movie star Mary Pickford.

The downside for Rocky location hunters is that this mansion is situated in an extremely secure gated community and is not accessible, so you’ll have to live with just photos of the property!

FYI, this location is not the same house seen in Rocky III, although it’s an easy mistake since they look a lot alike.


See what it looks like today in these photos!