Rocky's House

Rocky's House in "Creed"

Seen in: Creed

2504 Federal Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

“I don’t think you’d be comfortable there.”

In Creed, Rocky now lives alone in a small house, built in 1923, which he once shared with Paulie. This is not the same house that Rocky and Paulie shared in 2006’s Rocky Balboa; evidently the guys moved at some point between Rocky’s final boxing match against Mason Dixon and Paulie’s death in 2012.

Deleted Basement Scene Filmed Here

Interestingly, both the exterior and interior of this home were used in the film. Especially unique is that the house’s finished basement was also used in a scene featuring Sylvester Stallone which was ultimately not used in the film.

The deleted scene shows Rocky poking around in the basement, where his black tiger jacket from Rocky II hangs, and where he watches a video of his first fight with Apollo Creed on an old television set. These deleted scenes appear on the Creed DVD extras.

Travel Tips:

Visiting fans, please be respectful, this is an actual residence. Rocky’s new house is just east of the Schuylkill River, and is conveniently located about 2 and a half miles south of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. No wonder it was easy for Rocky and Adonis to visit the museum steps at the end of the film.


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