Rocky & Adrian’s House in Rocky II

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2313 S Lambert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Warning! Visiting fans, please be respectful – this is an actual residence.

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Seen in: Rocky II

“These numbers almost add up to nine – that’s a good omen.”

This is a very solid neighborhood in South Philly, with new bricks – and Rocky’s an expert on bricks. Plus, the numbers on this house, 2313, almost add up to nine.

Rocky and Adrian’s first real home looks nearly identical to its 1979 appearance in Rocky II, even down to the small details – the railing along the steps, the paneling on the white front door, the white porch light, 2313 number plate – and even the white mailbox that Rocky admires so much.

The only major difference is the tall, strong tree that now shades this narrow street – it was just a sapling when Rocky and Adrian lived here.

Filming of Interior Scenes in Rocky II

The interior of this narrow 6-room house, which was built in 1920, was used on screen in Rocky II as well.

In the interior scenes, you’ll notice the white door paneling and door knocker are exactly the same on the inside as well as the outside, the window lattice and window treatments are identical, and the red tiling in the entry way is identical inside and out.

Though not confirmed, the fact that this was a real and unoccupied residence at the time of filming may also be the reason why Rocky and Adrian’s house is so sparingly decorated and is almost devoid of furniture, aside from the furnished bedroom (which was likely shot on a film set off-site.)

This house went on the market in the summer of 2013 and was heavily publicized for it’s connection to the Rocky movies (see one article in Philadelphia Magazine about the Rocky 2 house).

It was ultimately sold in August, 2013 for $128,000.


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