Robert's School (Kirkbride Elementary)

Robert's School

Seen in: Rocky V


Kirkbride School 1501 S. 7th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

Time to go to school, son.

This real elementary school called Kirkbride is located in Philly’s Passyunk Square neighborhood. Its official address is 1501 S. 7th Street, but who cares, we’re not mailing it a letter – here’s a couple of Rocky-specific street corners we wanna look at.

Dickinson & South Marshall Street
If you’ve got a minute to amble down Dickinson Street heading West, that’s the way Rocky and Paulie walk the kid to school on his first day. Check out the Cavalry AME Church, whose little sign looks just the same. The schoolyard’s chain-link fence is still there, looking just as it did when Sage Stallone climbed through the broken section of the fence.

Greenwich Street & South Marshall Street
If you’re looking for the spot where Robert / Rocky Jr. fought that other kid to get his jacket back, it’s on Marshall too, just sort of around back of the school. After he wins, he and the girl run South down Marshall Street, which is actually the opposite direction from the way he walks home, but whatever. These streets are tiny – don’t get hit by no cars.


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