Max's Steaks

Adonis & Bianca's Apartment Building

Max's Steaks

Seen in: Creed


3653 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19140

“This is a jawn.”

Bianca thinks Max’s is one of the best jawns for cheesesteaks in the City of Brotherly Love, and the people of Philadelphia tend to agree. Both the restaurant’s colorful exterior and lively interior were used during the filming of Creed and played host as the setting of Donny and Bianca’s first date.

The steak joint really is just a short distance from the apartment building where both characters live, in fact it is a little less than three miles north of their place on Broad Street.

Max’s sandwiches are made with Amoroso rolls and beef from Esposito. Their enormous 18-inch cheesesteaks cost $16.95, and the more modest 12-inch sandwich is $8.25. We’re still loyal to Pat’s King of Steaks though, as that jawn was Rocky’s first choice back in ’76.


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