Little Marie's House

Atomic Hoagie Shop

Little Marie's House

Seen in: Rocky


1124 Jackson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Warning! Visiting fans, please be respectful – this is an actual residence.

“Screw you, creepo!”

Marie’s house as seen in the original Rocky. Later in the series, Marie moves to another house where she lives with her son, Steps.

The route Rocky takes to walk Little Marie home is the actual distance from Atomic Hoagies. If you want to trace their steps, check out the map in the gallery below – just head down 12th Street, turn left on Winton, and cut diagonally through the parking lot.

Robert Plazek’s Travel Tip: “Look directly across the street from the front of Little Marie’s and you’ll see the lot Rocky walked through with Little Marie all the way from the Atomic Hoagie Shop. Little Marie’s is not far from Pat’s Steaks, head there next for lunch.”


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