Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Seen in: Rocky II


Independence Hall
520 Chestnut Street
Between 5th & 6th Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Rocky Jumped a Park Bench

Located in “Center City”, downtown Philly, Independence Hall is often referred to as the birthplace of America. This historic park houses one of the United States’ national treasures – the Liberty Bell. In Rocky II, the front of the Hall can be seen as Rocky runs through Center City with a group of children. It is famously referred to in this popular Rocky filming locations video on YouTube as the place where “Rocky jumped a park bench”.

The scene showing Independence Hall during the Rocky II training montage was shot on the south side of the building. The bench is no longer there, but the tree seen at the left of the frame in that shot is still growing strong.

Total Rocky’s Travel Tip:
If you can’t make it to Pennsylvania to see the real thing, California also just happens to have a full-scale replica of Independence Hall, complete with a museum and Liberty Bell inside. This reproduction is located just across the street from Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA and was actually commissioned by Walter Knott himself in 1966. [Click here to learn more]


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