Vacant Lot

Abandoned Ice Skating Rink

Seen in: Rocky Balboa



1556 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

“I’m glad they tore this ice rink down!” – Paulie

In Rocky Balboa, Rocky takes Paulie on a tour of his old haunts previously seen throughout the Rocky series. One stop, and perhaps the most heartbreaking, is the darkly lit abandoned lot on which the ice skating rink where Rocky and Adrian had their first date once stood.

The vacant lot that Rocky and Paulie visit on that cold night was never the location of Rocky’s original ice rink – or any other ice rink, for that matter. The skating rink location seen in the original Rocky still exists, and during the 1970’s really was a popular rink, but is situated clear across the country in Santa Monica, California (click here to see that location).

The abandoned lot seen in Rocky Balboa is actually in Philadelphia, PA and as of 2016, is still a vacant lot, located at the northeast corner of North American Street and Jefferson Street.

The interestingly lit tower visible in the background during the scene in Rocky Balboa is part of St. Michael’s Church (located at 1445 N. Second Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122), an active Catholic parish since 1831. The church is just three minutes from the vacant lot.

Many thanks to Rocky Location Detective Chris Heist for his work in tracking down this very elusive spot!


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