Front Street Gym

Slow-Mo Scene

Creed's Running Route

Seen in: Creed


East Clearfield St. & Weikel Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Fighting stronger.

In this scene, perhaps one of the most famous in the film, Adonis Creed is seen running north on Philadelphia’s East Clearfield Street on his way to see Rocky along with his new Philly friends on their quads.

In the very memorable slow motion shot, we see Donny at the intersection of East Clearfield Street and Weikel Street (he’s running north toward Janney Street.) His dramatic run culminates in the road in front of Front Street Gym, where Rocky is up on the second floor looking out one of the gym’s windows (enlarge the photo below to see which window Stallone is positioned in).

Conveniently, this awesome location is very realistically right on the path towards Front Street Gym, and is also actually less than half a mile from Rocky’s apartment (click here to see it) and Rocky and Paulie’s house seen in Rocky Balboa.

Thanks to our friend Captain Catholic for tracking down this spot!


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