Original Atomic Hoagie Shop

The Atomic Hoagie Shop

Seen in: Rocky, Rocky V


12th Street and Cantrell Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

“‘D’you remember Marie?’ ‘No, who was she?’ ‘She was that little whore who hung out at the Atomic Hoagie Shop.”

This corner shop was the hangout for Marie and the neighborhood kids in the original movie, and later on, Rocky’s son Robert found his own niche on this dirty street corner. The place looks very different these days after having undergone some major renovations. The Atomic Hoagie shop used in Rocky V is actually a different location than the original one.

James’ Travel Tip: “Most internet sources place the ‘Atomic Hoagie Shop’ where Little Marie used to hang out, in the Kensington area near the gym and pet shop. While the Kensington Mini Mart resembles it, its not the right location.

The real spot is actually here – in South Philly, at the corner of 12th and Cantrell to be exact. It looks nothing like it did in the film anymore, but on the next block, Winston Street, is the parking lot where Rocky walked Little Marie across. And on the other side, her house at 1124 Jackson Street.”


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