Delphi Boxing Academy

Delphi Boxing Academy

Seen in: Creed


3300 Aramingo Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134

“Your daddy died in the ring.”

This then-empty space in a Philadelphia strip mall in Port Richmond, PA, formerly a local boxing gym, was converted into Delphi Boxing Academy, “Home of Apollo Creed” in January, 2015 for the filming of Creed. This spot marks the first shooting location used for the Rocky spinoff movie.

Only one scene was shot here (Donny’s losing match against Danny ‘Stuntman’ Wheeler), and it features Tony Duke’s son, Tony “Little Duke” Evans, now a boxing trainer himself (played by actor Wood Harris.)

Although physically located in Philadelphia as a convenience to the Creed production crew, the story reveals that Delphi is meant to be located in Los Angeles which is both Apollo and Adonis’ home town. This spot is not to be confused with Apollo’s old stomping grounds – LA’s Tough Gym, the rugged boxing club Apollo introduces to Rocky in Rocky III.


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