Donny's Apartment

Max's Cheesesteaks

Adonis Creed's Apartment

Seen in: Creed


814-816 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Turn the music down!

This four-story 1920’s apartment building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, so for Creed fans, that means Donny and Bianca’s apartment building is here to stay.

Both the exterior of the apartment house and an interior apartment were used in the film. Donny’s view out the window looks out upon a couple of depressing gas stations and a Pep Boys auto store. It’s not clear whether the stairwell and Bianca’s apartment are also actually part of this location.

This apartment building really is just a short distance down the street from the cheesesteak joint that Bianca introduces the west coast boy to on their first date. Click here to see Max’s Steaks.

This location is also just a mile and a half away from the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so if you’re touring locations in the area, this one’s easy to get to.


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