Yo, Blockhead! See This Rocky Balboa LEGO Playset Proposal

May 30, 2016 | Articles

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LEGO offers an Ideas website where creative fans of the iconic building blocks can submit proposals for new ideas for their line of toys. That’s just what one big Rocky fan did with his plan for a Rocky Balboa themed playset.

“I tried to reproduce the most iconic places in Philadelphia, where the movie takes place,” Marco (@mc2k15), a self-described “AFOL” (Adult Fan of LEGO) says.

Famous Philly scenes represented in his concept include the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rocky Steps complete with a bronze colored LEGO figure of the statue, the Italian market, and Shamrock Meats where Paulie works in the freezer. Even Rocky’s egg-laden refrigerator is included, along with a little glass for him to chug raw eggs before his LEGO workout.


The main story characters feature figures of Rocky, Adrian, Paulie, The Rocky Statue, a chicken for Rocky to chase, and a slab of meat for Rocky to punch.

Other LEGO fans and designers have submitted proposals for Rocky-themed playsets in the past, including this one which features a cool selection of Rocky in his boxing gear as he appeared throughout the series, along with opponents Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago, who can duke it out in a LEGO boxing ring.

If Marco’s “Rocky Balboa” project gets 10,000 supporters, LEGO Ideas will review it and may even release a LEGO set based on it. We can support the Rocky idea by registering on LEGO’s website (it only takes a minute or two and you can use your Facebook or Twitter account to do so) and voting to support the project here.


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