Sylvester Stallone Gives Interview During Lockdown

May 4, 2020 | Articles

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Gracious as ever to his fans, Sly sat down this weekend to answer questions submitted by his Instagram followers while relaxing on the porch of his Beverly Hills estate.

“I’m gonna answer some of the questions like I promised. So many came in that it’d take about 75 years to answer them all,” he says. “If I keep taking my vitamins, I might just finish that.”

Have we seen the last of Rocky?

“In the film Creed, that’s possible, yes, but I never say no to Rocky, I have a couple of ideas. But I’m not so sure, cause They don’t really involve the ring as much as they should and I’m not so confident that’ll be exciting enough for the audience, but who knows.”

Are you writing a book?

Let’s get pumped for a Sylvester Stallone autobiography! Sly says: “Actually I’m starting one pretty soon, pretty much about the journey of getting here and about staying here, and coming back.”

Sly also discusses the most painful Rambo stunts, a reboot of Demolition Man with Warner Brothers, his process of writing a script, roles he wishes he didn’t pass on (Witness, Coming Home, Die Hard), his inspiration for his artwork, and the importance of family connections.


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