Sylvester Stallone Gets “Rocky” Painting as Gift from MGM Artist

Jun 27, 2016 | Articles, Videos

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In a Hollywood Fix paparazzi video captured on June 25, 2016, we see Sylvester Stallone out with his regular pals in Beverly Hills when he’s presented with an enormous piece of artwork as a gift from an artistic fan – John Rivoli.

The 60″ x 40″ painting – done in watercolor in mostly blacks and a few splashes of grungy color – stands at 5′ feet tall and shows Stallone in character as Rocky Balboa, wearing his iconic hat and black leather jacket as he stands proud against the city skyline, gripping his rubber handball.

Sly admires the piece saying, “Very nice, I appreciate that. I wish I looked that good.” He then helps Rivoli unwrap the painting poses for photographs with it.

“That’s fantastic. You did that freehand?” Stallone asks as the group debates where the piece should be hung. Sly explains that the art was created for his buddy’s place, Giuseppe Franco Salon, and that it should hang there, or a few doors down at Caffe Roma.


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