Sylvester Stallone Films at Rocky Steps for ‘Creed’

Mar 16, 2015 | Articles

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It seems Sylvester Stallone’s leaked screenplay that was shown on Twitter back in January, 2015 has turned out to be a reality.

On Monday, March 16, Sylvester Stallone and actor Michael B. Jordan, who is playing the role of Adonis Creed in the film set to hit theaters this autumn, ventured to the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art – better known as the Rocky Steps – to film what is likely the final appearance of Rocky’s character in the Creed movie.

Stallone and Jordan recreated Rocky’s most famous victory pose atop the steps of the art museum, both actors facing the city with their arms raised over their heads.

Rocky’s Character Appears Ill in New Photos

Sly is costumed in the navy blue military field jacket and fedora hat he wore in the last sequel, Rocky Balboa, and has added baggy gray Everlast sweatpants to the ensemble. The clothes appear to be somewhat oversized to emphasize a sickly appearance. Stallone’s Rocky has taken on a worrying physical image, appearing to have aged considerably with graying hair; he is also wearing heavy makeup and a facial prosthetic which gives him a very unsettling appearance as the beloved character who will be battling disease in this film.

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In January, 2015 Stallone Tweeted a snapshot from his home office showing a portion of the ‘Creed’ script. When enlarged, the page reveals what appears to be one of the final portions of the script which features details about Adonis and Rocky arriving at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and of Rocky having to be helped out of a van and assisted as he attempts to go up the steps due to the effects of chemotherapy treatments. (Click here to read more about this, plus the script excerpt itself.)

By now, most fans who have been following the Creed production have heard that Rocky Balboa will indeed be suffering from cancer in this sixth sequel in the Rocky movie series, and this week’s shooting at the Rocky Steps is a very clear visualization of Stallone’s script excerpt from earlier this year.

Michael B. Jordan is also wearing film makeup which show him to be a bit battered, sporting a swollen black eye and a cut on the forehead after what is likely the climactic boxing match in the movie. Jordan appears to be wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt beneath his heavy coat reminiscent of the gray sweatsuit that Rocky Balboa famously wore in the first two movies.

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