“We had a great day in the ring, well, actually, Creed had a great day in the ring,” Sylvester Stallone tells us via today’s Instagram video, shot in the boxing ring on location in Philadelphia.

Stallone – dressed in costume as trainer Rocky Balboa – wears Creed’s blue and white colors and looks strong and healthy. The scene being shot may center around a leaked portion of the Creed II script in which Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and his son, Vitor (Florian Munteanu), are seated ringside during Adonis’ fight with Danny “The Stuntman” Wheeler (Andre Ward).

“I watched him perform an incredible task: bravery, skill speed,” Sly – slipping into the Rocky character – says of Adonis Creed’s performance. “This movie is taking off, exceeding my wildest dreams.”

The fight sponsors are Tecate (for whom Stallone has appeared in a number of hilarious television commercials) and Jersey Mike’s Subs.

Placards for MGM Grand are seen in the background of the arena. Interestingly, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas set the scene for Ivan Drago’s deadly exhibition bout with Apollo Creed back in Rocky IV. An interesting tie-in. Let’s see where this goes.