Sly and Frank Stallone Mess Around with Life-Like Rocky Statue

Aug 3, 2018 | Articles, Videos

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Frank Stallone visited his brother Sly and family for his 68th birthday this past week, and Frankie brought along a friend – his life-like full size statue of Rocky Balboa, which usually lives at his own house.

Painstakingly creating by the highly talented Walt Wizard Designs, the statue is based upon an iconic photo from the fight scene in “Rocky Balboa” and the piece perfectly captures Stallone’s grimace in character as Rocky in the ring, even down to his detailed black and gold boxing trunks.

Dismantled, redressed in a Rambo t-shirt, and riding shotgun in Frank’s car, Rocky looks a little worse for wear when Sly peeks inside to see his alter-ego.

The statue’s legs, arms and hands were loaded in Frank’s trunk, and the guys go into a funny routine ala “Goodfellas”.


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