What’s the Mask Michael B. Jordan Wears in Creed?

Aug 14, 2016 | Articles

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Trendy Workout Mask was Seen in “Creed” and “Southpaw” Movies

A lot of fans have been wondering why Michael B. Jordan jogs on the treadmill wearing a mask during the Creed training sequences. Why, it’s an Elevation Training Mask, of course!

The trendy mask is marketed to today’s athletes to simulate the effects of training in high altitudes during a normal workout routine and aims to make your exercise more efficient with some claims of even bringing a traditional 60 minute workout down to just 20 while wearing the mask.

The idea is to train the body to perform the same routine with a lower level of oxygen – as if you’re climbing Mount Everest – so that when you return to sea level, you can work out with now superhuman breathing ability.

Some fitness experts, however, doubt the validity of these claims with some even explaining that they actually negatively affect an athlete’s endurance.

Jordan wears a Training Mask brand Elevation Mask in the movie, priced between $70 – $80. You can grab one here if you want to try it.

Whether the masks actually work as advertised is another matter, you can read more about them at BodyBuilding.com.


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