Rocky 7’s “Creed” to Film in London, England

Mar 23, 2015 | Articles

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Training sequences for the new Rocky 7 spinoff movie “Creed” are gearing up to travel to London, England to begin on-location filming around the city.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: ”So far they have scouted Thames bridges, east London and the City as possible backdrops.

”Rocky has so many fans in Britain, bosses think it’d be great to set some of the key scenes in London. They want as many of the most iconic buildings in the shots as possible, and to add a good dose of British grit to proceedings too.”

Rocky 7’s location filming in Rocky Balboa’s hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has wrapped after Sylvester Stallone and crew hit some of the most famous Rocky spots around town including the Rocky Steps, AKA The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Adrian’s Restaurant, Mighty Mick’s Gym and Laurel Hill Cemetery.

In the last couple of years, Stallone has ventured across the pond to England for exclusive in-person speaking events in Manchester and Sheffield which were packed with die hard fans of the action star.

Earlier this year while he was in the UK following such an event, Sly and the “Creed” crew filmed the actual crowd at an Everton football game. British boxer Tony Bellew who will be playing the bad guy in “Creed”, evidently arranged for the film crew to shoot footage of the crowd in the stands at the premiere league’s match in January.

The crowd was instructed to “Be sure you make as much noise as possible – go absolutely nuts at half-time – to help us create a brilliant atmosphere. I have seen firsthand what kind of noise Evertonians create – it will be perfect for the scene.”

Few details are available about the upcoming London shoots and it is being speculated that these scenes will include training sequences shot possibly revolving around Adonis Creed’s British opponent “Pretty” Ricky Porter (Tony Bellew, who actually hails from Liverpool). The latest word is that iconic London sights will be featured including the River Thames, The Shard, No news as yet on whether Sylvester Stallone will have any part of the UK sequences, but his participation in England seems unlikely.


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