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Oct 20, 2015 | Articles

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Today Creed’s young writer / director Ryan Coogler participated in a live Twitter question and answer session with fans anticipating the November release of the new Rocky spinoff movie. Although Coogler only had time to respond to a small handful of questions – ours included! – some of the answers were pretty intriguing.

What really caught our eye was a one-word reference to Rocky Balboa Junior and his reference in Creed. In the full trailer released for the movie, a very emotional Rocky says: “Everything I got is moved on, and I’m here.”

Besides Adrian’s loss, and now Paulie’s death, this line of dialogue seems to infer that even Rocky Jr. is out of the picture for one reason or another. An emotional Adonis replies: “You’re sitting there crying about nobody’s around for you – I’m here for you every day. I’m standing right in front of you!” @clbrown1906 asked Coogler whether the absence Robert Balboa’s character will be explained in Creed, and the director’s answer was a definitive “Absolutely.”

Today the studio also released an incredibly powerful photograph of Sylvester Stallone in character as Rocky Balboa to promote the upcoming release. The dramatic photo shows Rocky from behind, standing in front of Mighty Mick’s Gym in Philadelphia, decked out with its new 21st century sign.

Below is a transcript of the full Twitter interview with Coogler.


Ryan Coogler: Thanks so much for the kind words. So excited join you guys for this!

First, who’s the better fighter: Adonis or a young Rocky? (@iTunesTrailers)

RC: They are different weight classes. Adonis is light heavy and Rocky was heavy, so young Rocky would have the advntg.

True, true. Now, in your opinion, what is the best boxing match that you’ve ever seen? (@iTunesTrailers)

RC: Northern Cali’s own Diego Corrales R.I.P. vs. Jose Luis Castillo in 2005. Check the 10th round. http://tinyurl.com/mxj7an9.

Your dad was a Rocky fan, right? What initially inspired you to develop this new take on the story? (@totalrocky)

RC: Yes. My dad is a MASSIVE Rocky fan. It was our relationship that inspired the idea for the film.

What is your favorite Rocky fight? (@Carmine_Bowe)

RC: Rocky 2. Because that is the film I watched with my Dad the most.

What was the deciding factor that made Sly give you the “OK” that this movie could move forward? (@clbrown1906)

RC: I think it was meeting MBJ and recognizing his hunger and work ethic that sealed the deal for him.

Ryan, without giving away specifics, will the absence of Rocky’s son in the film be explained? Thx! (@clbrown1906)

RC: Absolutely.

Last winter was pretty brutal. How grueling was filming the outdoor scenes in Philly due to the cold? (@JSL79)

RC: The winter was pretty intense. I’m from California so I wasn’t totally ready for it to be honest. Wore long johns everyday!

Hey can u pls explain whether it was difficult for u to match up to the expectations of Rock n to cast the real Hero .. Creed love (@nitin_kapur)

RC: We tried not to think of the expectations too much, so we wouldn’t stress out. Much love to India!

How were the likes of Andre Ward, Gabriel Rosado and Tony Bellew cast? Did they have to audition? (@MlvnCabrera)

RC: I met Andre through Ephraim Walker, a mutual friend from Oakland. Gabe and Tony auditioned and blew us away!

Hi Ryan, what do you think about the Sly’s performance? Sincerely 🙂  (@SilviaGraphic )

RC: Sly is an incredible actor, and turned in an absolutely beautiful performance.

What is the eye & heart of a director? What’s that “thing” that film school can’t teach you? (@suhthernspice)

RC: I would say it’s like anything other hustle, you have to have a tireless love and passion for the work.

RC: Thank you @iTunesTrailers and all of the fans for your support! Remember to check out #CREED in theaters NOV. 25th


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